10 Great Golf Gifts for Dad

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Father’s Day is right around the corner so we’ve searched our website to find some great gifts you can give Dad for the holiday. Here are the 10 top gifts that show how much you care about him and his golf game.

Great Golf Gifts for Father’s Day

Volvik Crystal Orange Low Compression Golf Balls

1. Volvik Crystal Orange Golf Ball ($29)

Help Dad feel energized out on the golf course with these bright orange golf balls. Volvik brings Tour quality performance and game-changing innovation to the game – and Dad will appreciate using a golf ball he can easily identify. Whether you hit it out in the rough or straight on the fairway, you’ll be able to see the Volvik Crystal Orange golf ball’s bright color no matter where it lands.

Oakley Breadbox Sunglasses

2. Oakley Breadbox Sunglasses ($69)

It doesn’t matter if Dad is hitting balls on the golf course or relaxing down at the beach – these vintage Oakley Breadbox sunglasses will make him look super cool in any setting. Oakley offers a line of trendy, high performance eyewear that are sharp looking, durable and lightweight. Give Dad an edgy look that will sure to make other golfers envious of his style.

SkyGolf SkyCaddie SW2 Watch GPS/Range Finder

3. SkyGolf SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Range Finder ($179)

Dad won’t have to do any guesswork with his new SkyGolf SkyCaddie SW2 GPS range finder. SkyGolf provides this high-tech tool as an easy way to measure yardage from the front, center and back of each green. Not only will Dad be able to calculate exact distances, he’ll appear sleek and stylish with a brand new watch on his wrist.

Puma Jump Cat Patch Shoe Bag

4. Puma Jump Cat Patch Golf Shoe Bag ($24)

Lightweight and durable, the Puma Jump Cat Patch is a great way for Dad to transport his golf shoes. Perfect for storing golf shoes after walking on dirty terrain – Dad will never want to travel without the protection of this golf shoe bag. Golf shoes will fit snugly in the bag but we promise that there won’t be any struggle slipping them in.

Sunfish Zebra Driver Headcover

5. Sunfish Zebra Driver Head cover ($19)

Give Dad something special and unique! This Sunfish Zebra driver head cover fits all 460cc driver, fairway and hybrid golf clubs and looks like something Grandma would knit for him. Made using top quality natural new Zealand wool, this head cover is a silly Father’s Day gift that shows just how manly you think you dad is – or isn’t.

TaylorMade Microfiber Players 2015 Towel

6. TaylorMade Microfiber Players Towel ($19)

Are you absolutely clueless about a gift to give your dad? We have an answer! The TaylorMade Microfiber Players towel is the perfect present for this summer. Dad can use the towel to wipe away moisture from sweaty palms and clean up golf club grips when the temperature begins to heat up. Its black color won’t show any dirt, dust or grime.

Adams Blue Hybrid

7. Adams Blue Hybrid ($29)

The Adams Blue Hybrid redefined what the Adams brand is all about. Dad will enjoy putting the club down behind the ball, giving it a rip and really enjoying a good game of golf. This hybrid isn’t about customization or dialing it in. It’s about having fun with simple technology that isn’t too complicated or fussy. Plus, the club has an attractive blue finish –  a design that’s sure to get compliments out on the golf course.

RJ Sports Par-Tee Box Cooler

8. RJ Sports Par-Tee Box Cooler ($24)

Place Dad’s beers on ice and listen to the game at the same time. The RJ Sports Par-Tee Box Cooler keeps drinks cold and comes with a speaker system – two great benefits packed into one! Dad will appreciate a soft cooler which takes up less space, is easy to carry and has plenty of capacity for a day of playing 18 holes.

Ashworth Cardiff ADC 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes

9. Ashworth Cardiff ADC 2 Spikeless Golf Shoe ($59)

As one of the highest rates shoes on the 3balls website, the Ashworth Cardiff ADC 2 Spikeless golf shoe will last longer, feel better on Dad’s feet and improve his game. Made out of rich leather, these shoes will mold and stretch to the contour of his feet too. Dad will appreciate that you bought shoes of superior quality – and best of all, you won’t have to break the bank for him.

Dorfman Pacific Soaker Bucket Hat

10. Doorman Pacific Soaker Bucket Hat ($24)

If you get Dad this hat, he’ll be able to dip it in water, put it on his head and feel a gentle cooling sensation as water evaporates. Wearing the Doorman Pacific Soaker Bucket hat is also a great way to protect hair, eyes and sun from the sun’s harsh UV rays. This wide-brimmed hat will keep Dad from squinting and help prevent more wrinkles from forming around his eyes.

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