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Guess That Caddy

This caddy carried Fred Couples bag for over 20 years before moving onto this player. The player he carries for hits the ball really long but has trouble determining whether or not...


Golf Movie Review – Caddyshack

Nearly everyone’s favorite golf movie is Caddyshack.  I can understand why.  For being so ridiculous, it does resemble everyday golf life to an extent (other than the fake gopher and explosions).  Think...

Jacks Point3

Golf Course of the Week – Jack’s Point

This week’s Golf Course of the Week is one of my “In My Dreams” courses called Jack’s Point, located in beautiful  New Zealand.  I have heard nothing but amazing things about New...


Guess That Caddy

How well do you know your PGA Tour caddies (or at least who they carry for)?  Here are some hints for this one: -You can see he carries for a Titliest sponsored...

Golf Is Funny???

Golf Is Funny???

Short and sweet everybody.  I did a search on Youtube for “golf” and filtered the results to see which video had the most views.  Here it is:          

The Optimized Golfer: Magnetic/Ionic Gear

  Spotlight On: Magnetic/Ionic Gear Pros, top athletes, aspiring players and regular citizens swear by them and enthusiastically extol their many benefits. We’ll take a closer look so you can discover for...


What Wins Major Championships?

I recently came across an article on Golf Digest listing what drivers have been used to win the most recent golf majors.  Having played (or at least tried) most of these drivers...