2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Golf Gadgets

golf gadgets for christmas presents

golf gadgets for christmas presents

When your tech-loving golfer is looking for more than just stocking stuffers and umbrellas for Christmas, you’ve got plenty of neat options. Today’s golfer has a great selection of tech gadgets to help them improve their game by correcting their distances and collecting more information about the course they’re playing. Take a look at these gems if you’re searching for golf gadgets.

Laser Rangefinders

When your favorite golfer needs to know how far it is to the hole, they can guess and take a swing at it, or they can increase their chances of hitting a birdie on the hole by using a laser rangefinder. These handheld devices accurately judge (within a foot or less) the distance between the golfer holding them and the flag (or other items they’re pointing at).

Laser rangefinders like the Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot ($274.95) vibrate when they’re fixed on the flag, making them effortless tools for golfers with steady hands. More advanced rangefinders, including Leupold’s GX-3i2 ($399.95), take the guess work out of even the foggiest day — they’re built to distinguish between fog and the flag beyond to ensure accurate measurements every time.

GPS Rangefinders

GPS Rangefinders come in a variety of configurations, but the wristwatch style are among the most popular. These tiny rangefinders have maps of nearly every golf course on the planet pre-loaded so they can give pinpoint accurate measurements from the player’s location. Some, like the SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Rangefinder ($249.95) easily connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing additional manipulation of course data.

Other watch-style models, like the Golf Buddy WT4 GPS Rangefinder ($199.95) skip the cell phone and instead provide a dynamic menu right on the watch face. The Golf Buddy WT4 provides GPS tracking, along with information on the course, distance to targets and hazards, a digital scorecard and allows you to change the pin placement on the go.

Swing Analyzers

If your golfer is looking for a way to correct their swing without multiple costly golf lessons, a swing analyzer is the next best thing. These devices attach to their golf clubs and monitor, in real time, how the player is performing. The data is then sent to a Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet, or computer and the swing can be examined from there. Some allow the golfer to share the data they’ve collected with pros, for personalized advice for an additional fee.

Both the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer ($249.95) and the 3Bays GSA Pro ($199.95) provide detailed swing data for the golfer in your life. The SwingSmart attaches to the club’s shaft, but is considerably heavier than the GSA Pro, which attaches to the end of the golf club’s shaft.

If gadgets aren’t your golfer’s thing, or they already have the latest and greatest rangefinders and swing analyzers, some new gear might be the perfect gift. We’ve got tons of gear at 3balls.com to help make your golfer’s game a little easier.

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