3 Helpful Indoor Putting Mat Ideas

Ever heard the saying around the golf course, “Drive for show and putt for dough”? One of the most successful South African golfers, Arthur “Bobby” Locke was known for his exceptional putting talent and coining that familiar expression. Locke had 74 professional wins including 15 PGA tour wins and 4 Open Championships. With career numbers like these, it looks like Locke knew what he was talking about when it came to putting.

Putting can account for around half of your strokes on the course, and with increased practice can lead to lower scores. But what happens when you can’t get out to the golf course to work on your putting? There are different options when it comes to working on your putting at home or even at the office. Here is a list of 3 indoor putting mat ideas to help practice those daunting five footers that tend to leave your knees knocking!

Sklz Accelerator Pro

sklz accelerator Pro indoor putting mat

This mat is one of the most popular indoor putting mats on the market. Sklz designed this mat with an uphill grade to help teach you to putt past the hole. It also features helpful markings designed to show you how far to hold your putter from the ball for just the right speed at three-putt lengths. This mat is a good option for any surface as it is made not to shift on smooth flooring. This mat also has a handy ball return channel that will return the golf ball to you.

Tour Links PuttMaster

Tour Links Puttmaster indoor putting mat

The PuttMaster is not your “average” putting mat. It’s built with a plastic base that is very durable. Being built on a solid base, you can set this up in your house on any surface you choose and have a true roll. The Tour Links green rolls flat, which leaves all putts sitting at the other end of the green. There are multiple features that come incorporated with the PuttMaster; cup reducer, alignment string and a “stroke groover block”. The putt master is offered in 7’, 9’ and 13’ lengths.

DIY on Carpet

carpet putting mat

If you have any room in your house or office that has carpet then you can easily set up a putting green to work on your stroke. A lot of people will make “holes” by using coffee cups, bottles or even aerosol cans. This option is the most cost efficient and can easily be set up and taken down.


These three indoor putting devices will help you work on the most important part of the golf game. For training beyond a mat, consider these putting aids. If you can dedicate even 15-30 minutes a day working on your putting stroke you will start to see a difference on the course and most importantly on the score card.

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