3 Reasons to Replace Your Irons with Titleist 913h Hybrid Clubs

golf ball in tall grass or rough

golf ball in tall grass or rough

The game of golf has come a long way since the days when it was limited to the grounds of St. Andrews Links. Today’s golfer not only has access to a challenging course near their own home, they have choices in gear that weren’t even imagined back when golf was still largely a curiosity to the masses.

In the last decade, for example, the hybrid club has been a game changer for casual golfers everywhere. Clubs like the Titleist 913H hybrid are helping golfers to rotate their more frustrating long irons out of their bags and into storage, but are they right for you? Here are three good reasons to swap your irons out for Titleist 913H hybrids:

They’re better from the rough. Irons can be incredibly difficult to work in the rough. Because of their sharp angles, irons often snag in the grass and twist even a good swing out of shape. Hybrids combine the features of irons and woods, but tend to feature the woods in shape. The smoother profile cuts through even thick grass with ease.

It’s easier to get the ball in the air. Because hybrids are designed with wood-like heads, they’ve got a great deal more internal area to play with — and club manufacturers know it! They’ve taken advantage of the extra depth and moved the center of gravity further from the face to help you propel the ball higher.

You’ll get more distance with lower swing speed. Irons are notoriously unforgiving, largely because of the weight distribution of the club. Not only do you get the benefit of more weight being moved to the head in a hybrid, most have shafts that are a couple inches longer than the irons they replace. Longer shafts and heavier heads can help you generate faster swing speeds, which, when coupled with the forgiveness of a hybrid, will send your ball sailing further.

Even if you’re a master with the long iron, you may find that a hybrid makes your game just a little bit more fun. After all, who doesn’t like more distance? Hybrids are handy general purpose tools that belong in every golfer’s bag, no matter the skill level.

Whether you’re looking for the latest in hybrid technology or simply want to snag a few used Titleist hybrid golf clubs, let us be your golfing guides. Our store at 3balls.com is always fully stocked with great new and used clubs in every price range.

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