4 Lessons The Walking Dead Can Teach You About Golf

There are so many lessons you can learn from watching the television show The Walking Dead. We’ve been watching zombie scuffles for 7 seasons and it’s amazing how many epic themes the show has covered.

It may seem like a stretch, but The Walking Dead can teach you how to play a better of game of golf. Just like the constant conflict characters experience after the outbreak, golfers struggle to succeed in an unforgiving outdoor environment that seems to provide little reward. Golf is about preparation, practice, and practicality. Succeeding on the golf course is a matter of channeling positive energy into your swings. Your game needs to be like a smoothly running machine, created by an abundance of confidence, where there’s no hint of doubt or hesitation. Here are four lessons you can use to change the way you play and become a badass golfer.

Lesson #1: Exercise Is Good for Your Game

Certainly, the characters on The Walking Dead don’t have the luxury of a gym membership. Simply surviving is a workout in itself. But the one thing about staying in top physical condition teaches us, it’s that your body and mind will perform much better whether it’s slaying or swinging.

It’s the start of a new year and plenty of people are hitting the gym to achieve the beach bod of their dreams. Golfers may not exercise to impress their party members, but they certainly can up their game if they’re in shape. Why not make 2017 the year to start a new workout routine? With a regular workout routine, you’ll kill it on your drives and be able to walk an entire 18 holes without having to catch your breath. Besides, don’t you want Darryl’s killer biceps busting out of your polo shirt?

Lesson #2: Choose Your Party Members Well

How people form social groups on The Walking Dead determine whether or not the characters will be able to find shelter, food, water, and medicine. If the group is composed of whiners, pessimists, freaks-outers, and life-is-so-unfairers, then nobody is able to maintain a positive headspace.

When you form your party, stay away from people with tiny minds and tiny thoughts. Start hanging out with people who take action, make you feel good, and are there to genuinely enjoy themselves. Inviting people that set a wimpy tone will mean you’ll be setting yourself up for wimpy play. How one person does one thing will determine how you do everything. Get out there and find some people who make you feel like you can get a hole-in-one. Being around inspired, visionary, enthusiastic people who are living their truths is one of the fastest ways to massively transform your game.

Lesson #3: Pack Everything You Need

When there isn’t a permanent settlement, the characters on The Walking Dead must carry everything they need in a backpack. A backpack can swallow an amazing array of gear and there are different loading routines depending on the type of obstacles that may present themselves. You may not take a backpack with you to the golf course, but your golf bag will be your best friend if you plan on playing for a whole day.

A well-loaded golf bag can be the difference between an enjoyable time and a miserable experience. You’ll want to make sure you have everything you need besides your golf clubs:

  • golf balls
  • tees
  • gloves
  • extra socks
  • umbrella
  • sunscreen
  • inspect repellant
  • divot fixer
  • water
  • microfiber towels
  • first aid kit
  • business cards

There may be some other items you shouldn’t leave the clubhouse without. But the above items are the most common articles golfers forget when they head out to the golf course.

Lesson #4: Accept Failure

There is plenty of loss and failure on The Walking Dead. Beloved characters die, settlements are lost, and mental health flies out the window. When you’re playing golf, a number of things can wrong as well. You could suffer a mis-hit, sunny weather can turn to rain, a party member could have a bad attitude, or you could get stuck in a bunker. The best course of action is just accepting these unfortunate circumstances for what they are.

If your game isn’t going the way you planned, then it’s better to just let it go and focus on the moment. If you let failure get you down, you’ll deplete the much-needed energy you need to continue playing. Instead of freaking out about a mis-hit, keep your belief that your next shot will be better instead of falling prey to the fears in your mind. Staying strong when you’re performance is suffering will make you much better equipped to deal with whatever situation it is that you’re headed for, but that, nine times out of ten, it’s much worse in your mind than it is in reality.

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