5 Money-Saving Golf Balls

money-saving golf balls

During a round of golf, your golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every stroke. There are many golf balls on the market, ranging from around $10 a dozen to over $40 for a dozen. But, for the average “weekend warrior,” it makes sense to find a golf ball you like at a good price. Here are 5 money-saving golf balls that won’t break the bank and give you the best bang for your buck.

Money-Saving Golf Balls

1. Wilson Titanium Core Plus 18-Pack

Wilson Titanium core

  • Two-piece golf ball with a titanium core that transfers maximum energy to the golf ball
  • The energy transfer helps your shots travel farther and straighter

2. Taylormade XD+

TaylorMade XD+

  • Two-piece ionomer construction gives the ball faster ball speed and distance
  • The core provides distance off the tee while the ionomer cover gives you great feel around the green.

3. Srixon Marathon 15- Pack

Srixon Marathon

  • Features a durable ionomer cover and new Energetic Gradient Growth (E.G.G.) core for distance
  • A 333-dimple design makes the ball aerodynamic so your shots stay in the air longer
  • One of the longest, most durable golf balls Srixon has made

4. Callaway Warbird 2015

Callaway Warbird

  • Two-piece ball with a large, soft, high-energy core that delivers distance and ball speed
  • This distance ball is designed to give you a high, long ball flight
  • White or Yellow color options

5. Wilson Staff Chaos Double Dozen

WilsonStaff Chaos

  • The Wilson Staff Chaos gives you distance off the tee and control around the green
  • A two-piece ball with a powerful core and soft-feeling cover
  • The ionomer cover is very durable
  • This double dozen pack comes with a variety of colored golf balls


These money-saving golf balls all run under $20, delivering distance at a discount! If you are a “weekend warrior” looking to save, these options should definitely be on your radar.



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