5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Callaway Diablo Octane I-MIX Driver



1.  The Price.  Starting at $69.95, these are really really good drivers.  The technology in them is just as good as the newest drivers on the market.

2.  The Options.  You have a ton of choices.  Loft, length, shaft model, shaft flex, etc.  Heck, even at this price you could afford to buy two just to find out which one fits you best.  There are even a ton of exotic shafts to choose from…Rombax’s, Fubuki’s, R.I.P.’s, Voodoo’s, etc.

3.  The Look.  Obviously everyone has their own opinion on what driver looks the best.  The Diablo Octane does have a unique look, but in my opinion it appears very “hittable” and screams confidence.

4.  The Condition.  We have a variety of conditions to choose from on these.  Our LIKE NEW condition is almost always pristine and you will have trouble distinguishing it from brand new.

5.  You Deserve It!  Spoil yourself.  At this price you won’t even feel too bad about it.  Show it off to your friends and ask them how much they think you paid for it and then blow them away by saying $69.95.

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