How to Enjoy Golf (Better Than You Ever Have Before)

5 “Rules” to Remember in Golf

Rule # 1: Wear bright colors.

If you have a never-ending concoction of blue, black, and khaki in your wardrobe then you’re suffering from a lack of creativity. Any old collared shirt and pair of slacks will do out on the golf course, but let’s be honest.  Golf attire can be SO grandpa. That’s why we recommend being loud and proud in this fun Puma Polo. Orange will have a profound effect on your psyche and it will brighten your mood. We promise.

Rule #2: Pump up the volume.

Golf needs to be fun. That’s why we encourage you to play music while you play. A growing number of people are bringing portable music to the range and we support it. Don’t listen to the old farts who say you’re spoiling the sport. Music is a way to relax with your friends. Playing some tunes from the cart no longer holds the stigma it once did. It’s encouraged at many locations now.

Rule #3: Seal the deal.

Golf can be an extension of your office. It’s no secret that business deals close out on the golf course. In fact, negotiating a business deal is better while putting. A conference room can be a tense environment and golf levels the playing field unlike any other sport. We suggest discussing business after the 5th hole but before the 15th hole. Like golf itself, you’re in this for the long haul!

Rule #4: I bet you can.

You don’t have to a pro to make a few bucks. Golf has a long standing relationship with betting. While we don’t encourage gambling, but a few small wagers with your friends here and there can add some excitement. There are a wide array of fun betting games that will make your rounds a little more interesting.

Rule #5: Just have fun.

Relax. Golf is a game anyone can play. You don’t have to be particularly strong or tall, as long as you want to enjoy yourself and the company of others. You get to take in fresh outdoor air, enjoy some of the best views, and imbibe a few beverages while you’re at it. It’s a sport that transports you away from the everyday stresses of work, family, and well… life. Use it as your chance to get away from it all.

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