8 Tips for Making New Golf Friends

8 Tips for Making Golf Friends

Do you need some new bros? Maybe your current set of friends don’t play golf or stopped playing due to other obligations. Maybe you’ve moved to a new area. Whatever the case, it sucks being stuck in another group of strangers or playing as a single player. Here are our tips for making a new set of friends.

8 Ways to Make New Friends

Tip #1: Spend Time on the Golf Course

It shouldn’t be a surprise to know that the secret to finding new golfing buddies is to hang around a golf course. You aren’t going to make new friends by sitting at home playing video games or watching TV. You need to get out and be social. Being social means going to the local golf club that’s located conveniently close to you.

Tip #2: Join a Golf Club

If golf is something you enjoy doing then why not become a member of a golf club? The idea here is that you’re going to join a group of other people with likeminded interests. When you think about it at a basic level, if you’re around people who all like golf then friendships will naturally bloom.

Tip #3: Assess Your Group

When you hit the golf course and join another group, you’re going to do better if you don’t act like best buddies with your fellow players. You will have to assess the social situation. Some people are open to chit chat while others will be intently focused on the game. Try to strike up a conversation but if your group isn’t responding, focus more on the game than talking.

Tip #4: Be Yourself

Maybe you’re new to golf and just getting your bearings. Or maybe you’ve been in the khaki club all your life. Whatever the case, don’t try too hard to fit in. People appreciate an open and honest approach to communication. Showing anything other than who you really are is disingenuous and misguided.

Tip #5: Match the Pace of Play

Be prepared, be courteous and be smart. Bring the essentials to play a full 18 holes. You’ll need extra balls, tees, gloves and the appropriate clothing for the day. Also, plan your shots in advance and keep your pre-shot routine short. Your group will appreciate it if you’re moving at a brisk pace.

Tip #6: Don’t Play Out of Turn

The order of play matters so don’t anger your group by playing out of turn. Even if you arrive at the ball before other players, just wait. If you hit your shot out of order then your group members will have the option of canceling and replaying your stroke in the correct order. They won’t be happy with you.

Tip #7: Don’t Be a Cheater

There’s nothing worse than someone who isn’t your friend and doesn’t follow the rules. Don’t do things like count strokes wrong or kick the ball out of the rough when you think no one is looking. And don’t go to look for a lost ball in the woods or near water and then drop one out of your pocket and yell “found it” to the rest of your group.

Tip #8: Buy a Beer

This is the best tip of all – give your buddies a drink after a round! Nothing will make you closer to other people than purchasing alcohol for them. Buy anyone in your group whatever they want, within reason. Seen as a gesture of goodwill, you’ll be sure to make friends fast when there’s booze around.

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