A Brief Guide to Discount Club Terminology

golf clubs bundle

golf clubs bundle

There’s nothing worse than finally picking up a golf club that feels like it could change your game entirely, only to discover that it’s out of production or simply out of your budget. That’s no reason to give up or give in to those high prices, there are plenty of discount clubs to be had online, if you understand what you’re reading. Instead of throwing in the towel, use this brief guide to help you find the exact discount clubs that complement your game.

Need to Know Terminology for Buying Used Golf Clubs

When you’re hunting for used Cobra golf clubs, or clubs from any manufacturer, it’s vital to know what you’re reading. These are some common terms you’ll find when looking at those used Cobra golf clubs for sale:

New, Used, Open Box. Whether a club is new or used is sometimes a matter of semantics. A new club is one that has never left the shop. Used clubs have hit a few balls, but depending on the condition, can be so lightly used that it’s hard to detect any wear with the untrained eye.

Open box clubs, on the other hand, have had the packaging opened, but have never been played. They may be returns, but are more likely clubs that were opened by a customer, then passed over at a retail location. Due to the missing packaging, paperwork or an unacceptable re-packing job that left the box damaged, these perfect clubs could no longer be sold as new.

Condition. A club with any condition besides “New” has been used in some way. Conditions vary widely (we have seven distinct grades, for example), but they are intended to help describe the type of wear you can expect to find on a particular club. At 3balls.com, “Like New” and “Fine” describe clubs that have been used very gently or so little that they could still pass as new. “Very Good” clubs are still above average, but they have been played a little. Other grades are described here.

Representative Photos. Photographing each and every club that comes through the doors can be a tedious process that invites errors trying to keep so many straight. Not t mention it would eat into the incredible discounted offers in our online store. Because of this, 3balls and other companies keep representative photos on hand that show, roughly, how each grade of any given club should look. The wear may be a little more to the left or right on the clubface, but you can expect roughly the same amount of scuffing and wear.

Next time you’re shopping for that elusive club that’ll take strokes off your game, you can expand that search online with more confidence. 3balls.com is always open and has a huge selection of clubs, both new and used, and everyone is carefully graded to ensure you always get a club you’d be happy to play with.

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