A guide to buying driver shafts

Buying a shaft for a driver

Buying a shaft for a driver

We all want to get the most out of our driver. Whether it is to generate the maximum distance off the tee or to ensure that solid contact is made on a more consistent basis, finding the right driver to fit the personal needs of each golfer is the key to better play off the tee.

Although the head design is an essential ingredient in finding the right driver, finding the right shaft ensures that the head is utilized to its fullest, and thus should take a front seat in a golfer’s mind when determining what the right driver will be for them.

The right shaft length makes your swing easier

Golfers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. As a result, when looking for the right driver shaft, the first consideration that should be made is finding a comfortable shaft length that will not put undue stress on the golfer’s swing.

As the shaft lengthens, so does the margin of error for those who generate a considerable amount of speed with their swing. As a rule, golfers should think first about accuracy when choosing the right length of shaft and then about increasing their distance.

Finding the right flex

Most drivers offer a wide range of shaft flexes that are designed to cater to specific golfers who swing at various speeds.

The biggest criterion in finding the right shaft flex is finding out how fast your swing actually is. This can be determined in several ways, the easiest being the utilization of a golf swing speed radar, which will tell you exactly the speed your swing generates through contact.

The slower the speed of the swing, the more flexible the shaft should be. Luckily for golfers, there are four common flexes that each cater to a certain level of speed. From lowest speed to highest speed these flexes are as follows: Ladies, Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff (also known as Tour).

The biggest problem that many golfers face is being tempted to choose a shaft that they want to be able hit, as opposed to the one that they should be hitting.

We all have a desire to hit the ball farther. However, understanding the limitations set forth by our swing is essential in being able to play at the highest level. As a result, having your comfortable swing evaluated for speed will provide the most accurate indication of what flex your driver shaft should be.

If you have a TaylorMade Rocketballz driver check out our blog post on choosing the right shaft flex.

What do you want your driver to improve?

The more flexible the shaft, the more height the club can generate on the tee. This is especially handy for those golfers who struggle carrying certain hazards off the tee and would give anything to add a few more yards of carry in exchange for a few less yards of role.

For those golfers who have too much carry, exposing their drives to the varying elements on the course, a stiffer shaft may be in their best interest. The shaft will allow those who swing with more speed to keep the club head square at impact, driving the ball lower and increasing the roll after the ball touches down.

No golfer should look past the design of their shaft when determining what driver is best for them. The attributes of choosing the right flex and length is enough to give any golfer a significant edge when they take our their new or “like new” driver for the first time.

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