A Simple Drill To Get A Consistent Swing

Gary Player swing consistent

Proper rotation and weight shift are one of the biggest problems that amateur golfers face while playing golf. We are taught to finish the golf swing balanced on your left foot, but many of us struggle to do it properly.

One of the greatest competitors to walk the PGA Tour is Gary Player. He has a unique way of ensuring that he fully rotates through the swing which has proven to not be just a gimmick. He used the “Walk-thru” drill to get a consistent swing. “How do I do it,” you ask? It’s easy. This simple drill will help unlock a consistent swing.

The Drill for A Consistent Swing

There are only 3 steps to this simple drill:

  1. Start by taking a normal backswing with any club.
  2. On the way down swing your right foot out (for a right handed player) and around toward your target as you make contact with the ball.
  3. Take an additional step or two to ensure a balanced, free flowing motion. Once you feel comfortable with the feeling, you can stop taking the extra step(s).

The Drill in Motion

Padraig Harrington (above) was spotted at the 2017 Irish Open, sporting the “Walk-thru” drill on the course. The three-time major winner doesn’t think it’s that unique. He said it was an adjustment he needed to make to “keep up with those young guys” on Tour. Harrington, who is coming off a series of injuries, is using this technique most commonly associated with Gary Player as a way to help him stay competitive.

Below is a video by Mike Sullivan, a Golf Pro from Raleigh, NC. He goes through Gary Player’s “Walk-thru” drill a little more in detail.

Wrap Up

Now you can take this drill to the range (or to the course, if you’re like Padraig) and be on your way to a more consistent swing.

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