How to Adjust the Cobra King LTD Driver

Cobra King LTD

The King LTD Driver looks complicated at first but it’s really easy to understand once you get acquainted with it.

Immediately you’ll notice it has a 460cc black head design with an orange strip on the sole. There’s technology on the sole, the face, and the crown.

A 16-gram weight called a “SpacePort” in the sole provides low and deep CG. The club stays light despite the weight because it’s made out of carbon fiber. And there’s a trench or “Speed Channel” located around the perimeter of the face.

But this technology isn’t what confuses golfers. It’s the adjustability portion of the club. And we can tell you exactly how to manipulate it so you get the right swing.

The only thing you can adjust with the King LTD is its loft/trajectory settings. And this is done by removing the head and re-inserting it into the loft setting you desire.

How to Adjust the Loft

To remove the head, hold the club upright with the grip resting on the ground. While supporting the head in your hand, gently insert the torque wrench into the screw hole. The shaft and torque wrench should form a straight line.

Turn the torque wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw. Once loosened, remove the head from the shaft.

There are 8 different settings to set your preferred loft angle. Here is an illustration:

Cobra King LTD

Once you’ve figured out your setting, align the MyFly Loft arrow and window with that particular setting. When you reattach the head to the shaft, your setting should appear in this window.

With the torque wrench aligned with the shaft, turn the screw clockwise until you hear a ‘click.’ Don’t continue tightening – you may damage the club if you do.

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