How to Adjust the Srixon Z-545 Driver

You might feel like there’s some special trick to adjusting the Srixon Z-545 driver. But it’s quite easy once you break down the club into its components.

There are two adjustable features on the Z-545 driver: the tuning weights and the QTS sleeve.

The tuning weight in the sole of the club head allows you to adjust the center of gravity location for its depth and height. And the QTS sleeve allows you to change the position of the face angle, lie angle, and loft angle.

Adjusting the QTS Sleeve

You’ll want only to use the torque wrench provided by the manufacturer to adjust the QTS (Quick Tune System) sleeve. Using anything else may cause damage to the product.

To install and remove the QTS sleeve, hold the club upright with the grip resting on the ground. While supporting the head in your hand, gently insert the torque wrench into the screw hole. The shaft and torque wrench should form a straight line.

Turn the torque wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw. After loosening, you should be able to remove the head from the shaft.

There are 12 different positions to set your preferred loft angle, face angle, and lie angle. The sleeve is set to N (Neutral) at the time of purchase.

Adjust anywhere from 1.5 degrees of loft in either direction, 2 degrees of face angle in either open or closed, and lie angle up to 2 degrees upright.

Once you’ve figured out your settings, align the position line with the star mark and press straight in. Push all the way in until the QTS sleeve is completely covered.

With the torque wrench aligned with the shaft, turn it clockwise until you hear a ‘click.’ Don’t tighten any further or you may damage the club.

Adjusting the Tuning Weight

If you buy this driver used, you will only have one weight installed. But if you buy it new, we provide you with three weights so you can adjust the center of gravity location in the club head.

To change the tuning weight, insert the torque wrench straight into the hole in the center of the tuning weight. Rotate it 45 degrees counterclockwise to the “Unlock” position.

Don’t turn the tuning weight past the unlocked position as this may cause damage to the club. Also, do not rotate more than 45 degrees as it may damage the tuning weight or the weight port.

Pull the torque wrench directly up to remove the weight. If the weight is difficult to remove, gently jiggle it around a bit while pulling with the torque wrench.

Fix the desired tuning weight on the tip of the torque wrench and insert it into the weight port. Rotate it 45 degrees clockwise to the “Lock” position.

Installing a light weight on the back side creates a shallow center of gravity which reduces spin. Alternatively, installing a heavy weight on the back side creates a deeper center of gravity that increases spin.

Rules of Golf

Remember, you may not change the QTS sleeve position or exchange weights during a round. Doing so breaches the Rules of Golf regulation 4-2a, which states, “During a stipulated round, the playing characteristics of a club must not be purposely changed by adjustment or by any other means.”

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