What are Adjustable Hybrids?

Titleist 913H Hybrid Driver

The Titleist 913H Hybrid Driver

There are so many clubs on the market these days that it can be confusing just to walk into a sporting goods store to look at the latest offerings. Hybrids are relatively new clubs, designed to be used in place of longer more difficult to play irons, but some have been further enhanced with adjustable features to make them even easier but for some more confusing to play.

Hybrids are clubs still trying to find their identity and place on the course, so it makes sense that the idea of an adjustable hybrid is a pretty vague notion, as well. The term “adjustable” can mean anything from a moveable weight in the club head to much more advanced options. Popular adjustable hybrids like the TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Rescue Hybrid and the Titleist 913H Utility Hybrid allow players to adjust their club head’s lie and loft angles.

How Can an Adjustable Hybrid Change My Game?

Hybrid clubs have already made a huge difference on the course for casual and professional players alike. The extra bounce and higher loft angle helps get balls in the rough out of trouble, and with practice, these clubs enable players to deal tight, precise shots that land sharply on the green. You can get a hybrid club in a variety of standard loft angles, so why would you bother with an adjustable hybrid?

It’s simple, really. You’ve got a limited number of clubs in your bag — although you may not typically use a 4 hybrid, the day may come where you need more loft or lie. Maybe you’re on an unfamiliar course and packed the wrong clubs, or perhaps your game is just a little off one day and you could stand to have the extra help a few minor adjustments would provide. In a way, adjustable hybrids give you something close to several different clubs for the price of one.

Buying an adjustable hybrid isn’t a substitution for a full line up of hybrids, though, because you may not be able to play a 3 hybrid as well with the same shaft as a 4 hybrid, but it’s close. Also important to note that, by rule, you are not allowed to adjust your club mid-round. When your bag is tight or your swing changes from week to week, the adjustable hybrids are a good solution to the problem of needing more clubs than you can realistically carry or afford.

Fortunately, for casual golfers interested in adjustable hybrids, there are many now available on the used market. Used golf clubs no longer carry the stigma they used to and can be purchased from reputable retailers with the utmost confidence. Used clubs are much more common because many golfers are constantly trading in their lightly used models in order to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology. If you’re interested in trying an adjustable hybrid, buying a gently used model can help you decide if they’re right for you without breaking the bank.

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