Adjusting the Hosel of a Titleist 913 D2 Driver

Titleist 913 D2

It seems like every driver on the market these days has something adjustable about it. Even Titleist, a traditional club manufacturer, has started offering an adjustable hosel. You can switch up the lie and loft of their Titleist 913 D2 drivers as well as the 913 D3s.

Perhaps your used Titleist driver didn’t come with a handy guide. In this case, adjusting the hosel could be a confusing option. If you bought a new Titleist 913 D2 driver, you may be able to squeeze more distance out with fine tuning.

Standard Titleist 913 D2 Driver Settings

The Titleist 913 D2 driver does come with an adjustable hosel. But keep in mind, it’s not fully adjustable like offerings from Callaway or TaylorMade. Titleist made this conscious choice, aiming to provide less of a one size fits all solution. Instead, they created a standard club with the option to make small changes to lie and loft angles. The 913 D2 comes in standard lofts of 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees, each with a 58.5 degree lie angle.

Adjusting the SureFit Hosel

Your new Titleist 913 D2 driver will come with adjustable hosel set to neutral, or A-1. Titleist recommends starting with loft adjustments before you attempt to tweak the lie angle. Before you turn your first dial you should understand what you’re twisting.

Adjusting the loft to the positive increases your loft angle. This generates higher launch and more spin on your ball. Adjusting it to the negative decreases your loft angle. You’ll get reduced spin and less of a launch angle.

If you’re looking for more distance, add loft to get your ball moving. Many players fit their adjustable drivers by increasing the loft until their ball balloons. Then they take it back down a setting. This same logic is useful for setting up your Titleist’s hosel.

Once you’ve chosen your loft setting: A-1, D-4, A-4 or D-1, you can start tweaking your lie angle. A more upright lie will increase your draw bias. The path of the ball will travel more to the left (for right-handed golfers). A flatter lie angle will give your swing more fade, sending your ball more to the right.

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