Why Do Archers Wear Arm Guards

Why Wear An Arm Guard

Nearly every archer can relate to the experience known as wrist or string slap. It happens those new to the sport and pro-shooters alike. If you don’t want an injury then there is a solution: the arm guard.

An arm guard is used by archers of all skill levels, but it is mainly used by beginners or intermediate shooters. They are a valuable addition to an archer’s equipment collection.

The main purpose of an arm guard is to stop the string from hitting your arm. Anybody who has used a bow will know that this can sting quite a bit. Nothing is worse than a string burn, or bruising from getting slapped by your bowstring. Arm guards also eliminate shirt or jacket sleeves from getting in the way of shots.

There are two causes of string slaps. The first cause is related to how you are holding your bow. If an archer grips their bow wrong and has their forearm protruding into the line of the bowstring, they will get a nice reminder to use better form. The second is simply your anatomy. The structure of your arm is based on your genetics. Some people might be unfortunate enough to not be able to hold a bow the right way, causing wrist slaps on every shot. There are ways to avoid string slaps but the most surefire prevention method is to wear an arm guard.

Arm guards tend to come in one of two materials: plastic or leather. Both work well at doing their job of protecting the forearm while shooting.

Arm guards are easy to put on: just slide it on top of the forearm and fasten the straps. The straps are sometimes made out of Velcro but they can also be elastic. You want the arm guard to be right in front of the elbow joint so it doesn’t get in the way when you’re shooting.

No matter how much experience an archer has, there is always a chance that they can be hit with their bowstring. When in doubt, be smart and protect yourself with a high-quality arm guard.


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