Nike Vapor Fly – Is It Worth the Price?

Everybody says the Nike Vapor Fly is lighter, longer, and thinner than ever before – but how much better is it than its predecessor, the Vapor Speed?

A Case Study: The Nike Vapor Fly vs. Nike Vapor Speed

Whenever a new club comes out there’s a lot of hype. We don’t want to say that new drivers aren’t worth the price. There have been major breakthroughs in driver technology in the past decade.

It’s true. You will get faster ball speeds and gain a few more yards in your shots. But real innovations in driver technology don’t happen every single year. A manufacturer will often say their driver is “the best thing ever” because they are competing for your $$$.

It’s hard to say where the Nike Vapor drivers fall because there’s been more than just some negligible tweaks. Nike has done a lot to shave off weight, change head symmetry, update sole construction, and thin out the face of the Nike Vapor Fly.

It’s important to keep updating your drivers. But the Nike Vapor Fly retains the same technology that debuted in the Nike Vapor Speed, like the familiar cavity back design and adjustable hosel. Sure, they are two different drivers. But here at, we always ask: Is it worth the price?

It’s no secret we’re a fan of buying used. If you want to buy the latest driver then go right ahead. I guess you’ve got the extra cash to spare. But we think new is nice–not necessary. That’s why we’re going to suggest purchasing the Vapor Speed. It’s a light and long driver that will deliver higher launch, lower spin, and maximize ball speed. Plus the Vapor Speed retails on average $200 less than the Vapor Fly.

Here’s some driver pr0n to aid your decision-making process:

Nike Vapor Speed

Nike Vapor Speed

Nike Vapor Speed

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