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How to Work on Your Mental Toughness

Perseverance, determination, fortitude, consistency – these are all character traits that make up mental toughness. Developing your mental toughness can improve your game and make you push harder to become a better...

Goose Eating

GEESE – Menace of the Golf Course

We want to start off by saying that we like animals. Dogs make great pets for kids. Cats are cute when they knead on blankets. Hamsters are laughable creatures that turn tiny...


Lightning Strikes Dumb Golfers

Every spring, people head out to the golf course to celebrate the beginning of a brand new golf season. Being outside after a long, cold winter is a great feeling. But, when...

Basket of Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

You should match up your golf game with a golf ball that matches with your skill level. Professionals are able to detect the subtle nuances in the performance and feel between different...

Rude Face

How to Deal with Rude Players

If only there was a way to remove rude golfers from the course so we didn’t have to deal with them! Hold on a sec. There are some funny ways to deal...

Donald Trump

5 Major Complaints About Golf

Is golf really just a sport that caters to rich old men? Just look at any golf magazine. You’ll see advertisements for Rolex watches, BMWs, and Viagra – all fodder for an aging...