Best Desk Setup for Watching Streaming Golf

Best Desk Setup

If you’re a geeky golf nut like anybody on our staff, you’ve got to have your golf fix even when you’re at work. You can’t wait until you get home to watch live golf on television. You turn to streaming video content so you can see the live updates, analysis, interviews and highlights from the game.

Problem is, what’s the best desk setup for watching streaming golf?

The answer is simple: Watching golf is all about streaming multiple feeds on as many different devices as possible. Why watch one live feed on your desktop when you can watch several other feeds as well on your laptop and phone? It’s easier than you might think, though the tricky part is trying to hide what you’re doing from your boss.

Organize Your Desk

The first step to watching streaming golf is the state of your desk. Obviously if you’re going to have a setup then you need to make sure your desk is uncluttered. You’ll find that the most appealing part of a superior desk setup is staying clear and organized. You should only have things on the desk that serve a particular purpose. Everything should have a designated place or home.

Gather the Devices

Once you’ve tidied up a bit, you should be ready to set up your devices. Here’s where you go wild. Pull out the company laptop, bust out your iPhone or Android, and unsheathe your iPad from its protective cover. Find whatever you can get your hands on that can connect to WiFi and get it to your desk. Make sure they’re fully charged. You don’t want to lose out on the action because of battery power.

Connect to the Online Streams and Follow Live Blogs

And the best part of all – connect to an online stream. Don’t limit yourself to one media stream though. There are multiple ways to watch and one channel won’t do. Sometimes there’s even an app you can download to follow the game. And plenty of live blogs exist that will keep you up to date on the leaderboard.

You would think that enough of us have learned how computers work to know that watching streaming golf is all traceable by our employer. But since there are a lot of misbehaving employees out there anyway, we don’t think subterfuge is necessary. People are going to be watching golf during work hours, especially here at a golf company. So go ahead and connect those devices!

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