Best 2015 Drivers for Left Handers

Best Drivers For Lefties

Best Drivers For Lefties

We’ve got all the respect in the world for lefties. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best 2015 drivers for left handed golf players.

3 Best 2015 Drivers: 3 Hot Picks

1. Callaway RAZR Fit Men’s Left Handed Driver.

The RAZR Fit is a high performance piece of equipment. It looks pretty good too. With a more traditional appearance, this club has a matte gray finish and a solid presentation. Also, its sound and feel is crisp, clean, comfy and powerful.


  • OptiFit Hosel, draws ball flight by shifting CG
  • Streamlined surface & aerodynamic contours mean added distance
  • Forged composite makeup make this driver stronger than titanium
2. TaylorMade SLDR Men’s Left Handed Driver.

Made out of a light material, the SLDR is modern with its silver face and charcoal gray crown. Don’t let its light weight fool you though. The SLDR has a good solid feel and it produces a good sounding thwack when hitting the ball off of the tee.


  • 20-gram sliding weight
  • Sliding mechanism delivers a low, forward CG
  • Customizable loft sleeve adjusts in 1.5-degree increments
3. TaylorMade SLDR Mini Men’s Left Handed Driver.

Haven’t hit a driver off the tee in years? The SLDR Mini is the answer. It’s a 3 wood which means it’s used during the second shot of play, when you are in the fairway. This club acts more like a driver. Either way the club is versatile and appealing for its variety of uses.


  • Distance enhancing patented Speed Pocket
  • Smaller head, smaller shaft
  • Low forward CG

This list proves today’s golf technology doesn’t leave left handed golf players out of the game. With the right club, you can enjoy your time on the course. The RAZR Fit, SLDR and SLDR Mini drivers are the best 2015 drivers and perfect to dial-up your game and launch the ball off the tee like never before.

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