Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Basket of Golf Balls

You should match up your golf game with a golf ball that matches with your skill level. Professionals are able to detect the subtle nuances in the performance and feel between different balls. Even high handicap golfers will notice differences and can benefit from a ball that’s exclusively made for beginners.

There are three main types of golf balls out there:

  1. Two-piece construction
  2. Tour level
  3. Advanced two piece/ three piece

High handicappers should start with a two piece golf ball but can also try a three piece design. These balls have a solid core and are covered with a hard, durable cover. High handicap golf balls have low compression and a hard cover which deliver more distance and less spin than other balls.

Because high handicap golfers have lower swing speeds, they will benefit from the added distance. High handicappers also tend to slice the ball off of the tee so the lower spin will help minimize the severity of the slices.

Here is a short list of golf balls that are perfect for high handicap players. All of these balls are made for distance and feature the common two- and three-piece construction we talked about above.

3 Top Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

High Handicap Golf Ball Bridgestone E5

Bridgestone E5 2015 Performance Distance Golf Balls

The Bridgestone E5 is a unique golf ball in the industry. It’s a two-piece urethane design that gives a player the distance and spin around the green which makes it a great option for high handicappers.

The ball is designed for a higher trajectory. This is accomplished in two ways. The first is its 326 dimpled pattern which gives the ball more carry for players with lower swing speed.

The second way the ball achieves higher trajectory is the urethane cover. A urethane cover adds more spin for a player who has too little spin (under 2,000 rpms) when they hit the ball. The combination of the dimpled pattern and the urethane cover maximize the distance off of the tee.

Another great technical achievement with the urethane cover is that it provides a lot of greenside spin. For chip shots, this ball is going to stop where you want it.

High Handicap Golf Balls Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft 16 Low Compression Golf Balls

If you haven’t heard of this ball, then you need to play with the Callaway Chrome Soft. The great thing about this golf ball is that the average player will experience something completely new.

This will be the softest ball you’ve ever hit. The ball compresses when you hit it and it acts as a spring, taking off into the air for maximum distance. It’s around a 65 compression due to its SoftFast core which is much lower than your typical golf ball. This is great for slower swing players who need the ball to compress more at impact and generate more distance.

A proven Hex dimple pattern uses hexagons to ensure there’s no gaps between the dimples. The Chrome Soft is also more consistent on chips around the green and once you try it, you’ll agree.

High Handicap Golf Balls Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel 2015 Low Compression Golf Balls

If you’re struggling for consistency then the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is for you. The Soft Feel ball is specifically for players who swing between 70 to 100 mph.

The key technology behind this ball is its low compression design and dimple pattern that will help slower swingers maximize their distance without losing any short game feel and control. The combination of the Super Soft 71 compression core with a 324 dimple pattern is designed to produce a high launch with low spin – the ideal combination for maximum distance off of the tee.

Srixon also claims that this combination helps create a more stable flight that should hold its flight better especially in windy conditions. This ball will also give you a soft feel around the greens thanks to its cover.

Remember the next time you’re selecting a ball to consider which one will best suit your game. The right kind of ball can make a real difference in your score.

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