The Best Preowned Callaway Clubs

Callaway golf clubs

Callaway golf clubs

When you’re looking for the best pre-owned Callaway clubs, you have no further to look than a top rated club retailer like But don’t take our word for it – here are some of the top Callaway clubs for the last year, according to the experts at Golf Digest. Each is the winner of a Gold Award, meaning they were chosen as the best of the best in the year they were released.

Callaway Drivers

Big Bertha

Adjustability by the way of a hosel that allows independent manipulation of lie and loft, a sliding weight system, and variable thickness face got the attention of judges. A larger sweet spot and lighter weight club made Big Bertha a favorite of players.

X2 Hot

X2 is an upgrade on the X Hot series, but it’s a heck of an upgrade. Reduced thickness in the face reduced weights, allowing Callaway to give the Pro model a bigger club face. Like Big Bertha, X2 Hot has an adjustable hosel and a lighter weight design.

Callaway Fairway Woods

Big Bertha

She’s a bit pricey, but for the cost, you get one of the only fairway woods in golf with an adjustable hosel. A thinner, springier club face and crown help reduce weight while still propelling your ball like a tiny metal trampoline.

X2 Hot

The entire X Hot line got an upgrade with the X2 Hots. These guys are lightweight, forgiving, and are evolving into a more driver-like face than ever before. Driver-like properties with higher lofts mean easier ball launch from the ground, which is a good thing for nearly any player.

Callaway Hybrids

X2 Hot

Like the X2 Hot driver, the X2 Hot hybrid features a significantly thinner cupface, helping to reduce the weight for players with slower swing speeds. The Pro version has a center of gravity that’s about 40 percent lower than its predecessor, creating more spin and putting your ball in the same place every time, regardless of weather conditions.

Callaway Irons


Game improvement irons don’t get much more game-improving than the Apex line. The low center of gravity and lightweight shafts are built for speed and forgiveness, perfect for players who have struggled with irons in the past.

X2 Hot

More bounce and faster ball speed are just a few of the improvements over the X Hot line of irons. Callaway was paying attention to where most players strike their iron shots and moved the sweet spot lower, making it easier for anybody to play like a pro.

Callaway Wedges

Mack Daddy 2

With lofts from 47 to 64 degrees, the Mack Daddy 2 line is Callaway’s most complete set of wedges to date. Each club is designed to play to its strengths, with the lower lofts built for control and the higher lofts for more spin. The laser-milling between the grooves makes it easier to bite into the ball.

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