Best Putters for Players with Straight Strokes

Putters for Straight Strokes
Choosing a putter that fits your type of stroke is the most overlooked, but most crucial thing you can do to lower your score. If you have a straight back and straight through stroke, the best club for you will be a face-balanced putter. These top 3 putters work with the shape your stroke and are specifically designed to stay square to your putting path.


3 Putters for Golfers with a Straight Stroke

Odyssey Works #7 Versa SuperStroke Putter

The Odyssey Works Versa #7 has a fang-shape which is a design you’ll really like. Odyssey has been using this shape for the past several incarnations of the club and it seems to be popular. On this putter a black and silver high contrast color scheme and an alignment line help you easily setup your shots at address. There’s good heel-toe weighting and high MOI on the club which keeps ball speeds up on the face for more distance control. A stainless steel mesh face and a White Hot backing reduce skidding and get the ball rolling fast. The counterbalanced SuperStroke grip is perfect for players who feel more straight with their strokes.
Odyssey Works #7 Versa SuperStroke Putter

Cleveland TFi Halo Putter

The greatest feature of the Cleveland TFi Halo putter is the Smart Square Dual Axis Alignment technology. There are two squares on top of the club head which create two sets of perpendicular lines that help with alignment. Tests show alignment was improved by 23% in this putter. One of the other features of the product is the face insert. Cleveland uses a milled copper infused face cape over a copolymer insert to reposition weight in the head and to keep feel and consistency across the face. This greatly increases MOI so anytime you mis-hit slightly off-center, the head will resist twisting which helps you keep your putt in a straight line.
Cleveland TFi Halo Putter

Titleist Red X2 Mid Scotty Cameron Belly Putter

The Titleist Red X2 is a traditional mallet putter design that was cooked up by Scotty Cameron after he heard so many requests for one from players on Tour. A soft face insert is made out of precision milled German Stainless Steel and is surrounded by vibration absorbing elastomer material. It’s also supported by a cushioned pad for a soft, solid feel. The sole is drafted with slight negative bounce allowing the putter to sit squarely without any face closure. Its top line slopes up to create a high toe feature to help ensure the putter is soled with the proper loft and face angle.
Titleist Scotty Cameron Red X2 Putter

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