What Are the Best Rated Putters?

A relaxing day of golf can turn into a lesson in ball chasing on the dance floor if you’ve got the wrong putter in your bag. Sometimes problematic putts are caused by swing difficulties, but many of the challenges you face on the green are due to playing with the wrong putter. There are so many putters to choose between that you’ll probably never have a chance to swing them all, so why not cut to the short list and take a look at some of golf’s best rated putters?

Pick Your Poison: The Best Rated Putters in Golf by Design

Blade Putters

Blade Putters are what most people think about when they envision a traditional putter. These clubs have small sweet spots and can be difficult to hit for all but the most consistent players. With the huge range of game-enhancing clubs on the market, casual players would be better served by anything but a blade putter, but low handicappers and traditionalists may prefer them. Look for the Yes! Tracy, Ping Anser 4 Classic, Ping Karsten TR Zing, Odyssey Tank #1 Versa, and Nike Method Core Weight MC02w next time in you’re in the market.

Mid-Sized Mallet Putters

Mid-Sized Mallet Putters provide a larger sweet spot and a bigger club head for better control and straighter putts, even when your swing isn’t exactly perfect. Mid-sized mallet putters have a fairly uniform look, and their deep heads often feature impressive alignment aids to help you putt more consistently. They’re great for all players – even low handicappers sometimes prefer the increased forgiveness that a mid-sized mallet can offer. Mid-sized mallets like the Nike Method Matter M5-12, Odyssey Works #9 Versa SuperStroke, Titleist Scotty Cameron Select GoLo S5, Odyssey White Hot XG #9, and TaylorMade Ghost Tour FO-72 are favorites of players everywhere.

High MOI Mallet Putters

High MOI Mallet Putters take the forgiveness of a mid-sized mallet putter and amp it up a few notches. These strange-looking putters may be more at home on a spaceship than the golf course, but if you’re just starting out with the game or still need to dial in your putt, you’ll find that high MOI mallet putters are your most forgiving option. They have enormous sweet spots and are weighted to forgive your imperfect swings. Many companies manufacture these types of putters, but the Odyssey White Ice #7, Odyssey Versa #7 Versa SuperStroke, Ping Scottsdale TR Grayhawk, TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si, and Titleist Cameron Select GoLo are some of the highest rated high MOI mallet putters in the game today.

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