What are the Best Used Titleist Fairway Woods?

Hitting a used Titleist fairway wood

Hitting a used Titleist fairway wood

Hybrids and wedges may be your go-to problem solvers, but there’s nothing like a good, reliable fairway wood to get you to the green as quickly as possible, shaving yards and strokes from your overall game. Shopping for used fairway woods should be as fast, direct, and trouble-free as golfing with them, especially if you do your research ahead of time. Top companies like Titleist make excellent fairway woods that are available used through a number of vendors. Our favorite Titleist fairways are listed below.

Titleist 910F Fairway Wood

Titleist 910f right handed woodThis compact fairway wood was a breakthrough for Titleist. By incorporating the SureFit hosel, which allows players to adjust lie and loft on the fly, and moving the center of gravity lower on the clubhead, Titleist created a longer fairway that could still play in the rough. The smaller head can be harder to hit for high handicappers, but more experienced players say they love the versatility of the 910F fairway wood.

Titleist 910Fd Fairway Wood

The 910Fd is harder to play in tight spots than the 910F, but that’s because of the bigger, more forgiving clubhead. The 910Fd’s head is 180cc, a whopping 25cc bigger than the 910F, making it easier for a high handicapper to hit solidly. This club isn’t limited to weekend golfers, though. It will give any player more distance with its lower launch and spin rate.

Titleist 913F Fairway Wood

Titleist 913f right handed woodTitleist upgraded the 910F considerably to create the 913F fairway wood. It still features the adjustable hosel, as well as the moveable weight in the clubhead, but these items are now sleeker than before. A thinner crown and lower, more forward center of gravity gained many players as much as 10 yards in testing. Like the 910F, the 913F is geared toward middling to low handicappers, giving these golfers even more control than its predecessor.

Titleist 913Fd Fairway Wood

Again, the “d” in 913Fd means distance, and for some players the low-spin, low-trajectory shots produced by the Titleist 913Fd fairway wood are really, very long. Like with the 910 series, the 913Fd has a bigger head that’s much more forgiving than the 913F — even when you miss the sweet spot, this fairway wood will give you plenty of distance.

Titleist has a long history of producing solid fairway woods that are both attractive and fun to play. When choosing your next club, make sure to pick the option that best fits your game — the “F” series is best for mid-range or low handicappers and the “Fd” series really helps high handicappers shine.

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