Callaway Razr Fit Driver Adjustments

Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

One of the hottest drivers on Tour is the Callaway Razr Fit Driver. This golf club has some of the latest technology and materials available in a driver. It’s also one of the most adjustable.

Golfers used to face a somewhat tortuous route to achieving a perfect fit. If you wanted a low, boring ball flight then it required irritating trial and error. Or you would have to visit the local club fitter and golf shop. The case was the same with a draw or fade bias. If you wanted a driver that produced a draw, the club fitter had to try several different tweaks.

Finding the perfect fit was easy for Tour professionals. They’ve got plenty of time and a truckload of options to choose from. But for the amateur golfer, getting the ultimate driver could be a slow and annoying process.

Fortunately, it’s easy to make Callaway Razr Fit driver adjustments. The OptiFit Hosel means that you can adjust the face angle to open, square, or closed. The result can mean more fairway hits plus improved distance.

If you tend to hit the ball straight but some extra distance with a draw, you can try the closed setting. If you tend to fade the ball, the closed setting can help you hit more fairways. And if you hit with a pronounced draw then the open setting might be a good idea. The fun comes from Callaway Razr Fit driver adjustments. You can try different settings instantly when you’re on the driving range.

There’s more adjustability. The club also comes with OptiFit weights of 12 grams and 2 grams. With some adjustments and experimentation, you can add a draw or neutral bias. Just swap the weights which shifts the clubhead’s center of gravity. An experienced club fitter with a ball launch monitor can look at your statistics and recommend the correct setup. They can help you with the Razr Fit driver adjustments. Or you can just test all the different options and figure out what feels and performs best for your swing.

The driver also provides some impressive technology. The club has a lightweight forged composite crown to provide a low center of gravity for increased distance. The “speed frame face” provides faster ball speed for more distance and a larger sweet spot means remarkable forgiveness.

Professional and amateur golfers are enjoying more distance and greater accuracy with the help of the Callaway Razr driver. Also available is the Callaway RAZR Fit Extreme, which have higher end shafts at a fraction of the cost of custom fitting your club!

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