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Tiger Woods

Is Tiger Ready For A Real Comeback?

Tiger Woods, the man every golfer both loves and hates, has returned to golf with some incredibly mixed results. After leaving the 2014 WCG-Cadillac ranked number one in the world, he’s somehow...

sun setting on golf course with water

8 Awesome Golf Courses in the American West

In part two of our winter golf destination, we’ve got even more great places to play when the snow’s piling up at home, from Arizona to Oregon. Whether you’re across the country...


Best Golf Courses in Arizona Part 2

What’s an Arizona vacation without a little golf at a very special course? We’ve put together a list of some of the best that Arizona has to offer, continued in this second...

who is Scotty Cameron

Who is Scotty Cameron?

Serious golf enthusiasts know the names of the heavy hitters in professional golf, from Tiger Woods to Arnold Palmer, but fewer really know the people behind the names on their favorite clubs....

history of golf colf

History of Golf: Where Did Golf Come From?

You may not know it, but every time you step out onto the green, freshly cut grass of your favorite golf course, you’re participating in an ancient ritual that has, in one...

Arizona sunset

Best Golf Courses in Arizona

Arizona’s one of the best places in the United States for golf, but it’s not just because of the year-round warm weather -- the scenery in Arizona is breathtaking and the abundance...

Garbage Golf CaddyDigest

Cool / Not Cool

I recently read and loved this article on Golf Digest, and thought I’d make my own list of cool/not cool things in golf.