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Vokey Titleist pitching wedge

What are the Types of Wedges in Golf?

There are lots of different types of clubs involved in golf, so many, that it can be hard to really get a feel for the purpose of each one.

Fairway wood at tee

What Loft is a 3 Wood?

Are you shopping for golf clubs and you're seeing the word loft associated with 3 wood fairways numerous times? Find out what it means now.

Spending money on used golf clubs

How to Buy Used Golf Clubs

Buying a used club is like buying a used car – arming yourself with info about the models you're interested in will help you make the best decision.

Getting a golfer a present

What to Buy a Golfer

Shopping for a golfer can be difficult. It is going to require research beforehand because of how important equipment is going to be for them.

Shopping for a new golf club

What golf driver should I buy?

Are you shopping for a new golf club? Make sure you're getting the right technology and comfort out of your game.

TaylorMade fitting clubs

What is Club Fitting?

What exactly is club fitting and why should some golfers possibly think about it for their own golf set?