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common courtesy on golf course

Common Courtesy on the Golf Course

If you’re a casual weekend golfer, you probably learned the game the way most weekend golfers do – you tagged along with friends who enjoyed it, were told “Just do what we...

Golf workouts to build strength

Workouts for Golfers: Boosting Power

You can do a lot to improve your swing and overall golf game by adding a few simple strength-building exercises to your daily routine.

Titleist brand golf clubs and golf balls

Comparing Titleist Irons

Battling it out on the fairway can be tough without a good set of irons, but there’s no one size fits all answer to the question of which is the best.  Titleist...

Golf Putting Green

Decoding Golf Lingo: “Three Putt”

When you’re first getting into the game of golf, it can seem like your buddies are speaking a foreign language, making it hard to keep up. Throughout the long, rich history of...

What does "fore" mean

Decoding Golf Lingo: Fore

Although a golfer dedicates a lot of time to their improving golf swing, we give a lot less thought to what some of the most common golf lingo means.

Swinging golf driver

How to Swing a Golf Driver

Golf is a game of technical mastery — it’s not just a matter of whacking a ball with a stick and walking around until you find it (although it is for some).