Club Review: The Cleveland Classic XL Fairway Wood Series

swinging-fairway-woods golf club

swinging-fairway-woods golf club

Golf is a game of yards, which means that it’s extra important to make sure you’ve got the best woods available to help you get off the fairway — it’s a nice place to visit, but let’s face it, nobody wants to live there. Your woods are the workhorses of your bag. In fact, most players would never find the green on long par 5s without them.

That goes doubly so for anybody who’s played a few rounds with at least one Cleveland Classic XL fairway wood.

Cleveland Classic Woods Hot Off the Tee, Long on the Fairway

There’s no doubt that the Cleveland Classic XL Fairways come out of the bag dressed in their formals, but don’t let their stiff appearance fool you, these clubs are hot and play aggressively. With one of the biggest faces available on a wood and an extra deep head, off-centered shots are easily forgiven; on-target shots jump off the springy variable thickness face like they’re green-seeking missiles.

Players who have tried them agree — for feedback and sound, these fairways are the closest you’re going to find to persimmon in a metal wood. That solid crack at impact is enough for most players to want to keep a Classic XL fairway on hand, its flexibility off the tee or the fairway is just icing on the cake. The penetrating, highly accurate shots produced by these fairways means that you’ll be spending a lot of lonely holes waiting to meet back up with your buddies at the cup.

In short, the Cleveland Classic XL Fairways are the most under-rated woods you’re likely to come across, and because of that they’re sadly difficult to locate. You can still find them as pre-owned Cleveland golf clubs, though, and we highly recommend you give them a try. They originally rolled out as a small series featuring a 3W+ (14 degrees), 3W (15.5 degrees), 5W (18 degrees) and 7W (20.5) with D5 swing weights for the guys and in the 3W, 5W and 7W with D0 swing weights for the ladies.

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