Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series Drivers


Hi, I’m Kane Snow with  Today I wanted to show you the Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series drivers.  There are three different weights to choose from.  The XL270, the SL290, and the TL310.

The 270 gram version is one of the lightest drivers on the market. It is equipped with a 39 gram Miyazaki shaft, this version was designed for maximum distance. The driver also has a traditionally weighted 460cc head for amazing forgiveness. The 270 version is also available with a draw face bias.

The 290 gram version is still much lighter than most other drivers on the market. Being slightly heavier than the 270 gram model, the 290 was designed for distance and control. It comes equipped with a 43 gram Miyazaki shaft.

The 310 gram version has the stability and feel demanded by tour players, but still provides everything needed for maximum clubhead speed for more distance. The 440cc head increase the workability of the driver. It has a 59 gram Miyazaki shaft which was designed for the better, stronger player.

The Ultralite series give every type of golfer an option to maximize distance without giving up forgiveness.

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