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Every once in a great while we spot a club that absolutely takes our breath away.  Forget all the adjustable drivers, or those with incredibly springy faces — despite the fact that these drivers are powered by rocket-science level technology, they all look pretty boring.  There’s nothing wrong with boring, but nobody’s going to claim their affair with a TaylorMade Rocketballz driver was love at first sight.

If there was ever a driver that got a pass purely on looks, it’s the Cleveland Classic 290 driver and its siblings, the 270 and 310. The maroon and gold club head of this tasty club is punctuated with silver highlights and the whole club just glistens in the sun.  Aesthetics meant to invoke the look and feel of playing a real persimmon driver were a big part of this Cleveland design, but that doesn’t mean that this beauty can’t perform, too.

In fact, the Cleveland Classic 290 driver has been compared to a wrecking ball on a stick for its sheer power and solid sound.  If you’ve been playing a springy faced modern club for any amount of time, this club will take some getting used to, but the penetrating ball flight and surprisingly forgiving face may make you want to trade in your adjustable driver for something a little sexier.

Under the extremely attractive hood, this club is all about forgiveness, distance and control.  If it happens to make your buddies jealous for more reasons than your new found yardage, so be it.  But don’t buy it on looks alone — you really need to hit the Cleveland Classic 290 driver before you buy it because the feel is a serious turn-off for some players.  Most golfers don’t take long to adjust to the harder-feeling face, though.

The Cleveland Classic 290 is the middleweight member of the family, with the Cleveland Classic 270 driver weighing in at 270 grams and the Cleveland Classic 310 (the tour model) tipping the scales at 310 grams.  Although the mechanics of the Classic family are pretty similar, the different weights can help compensate for swing problems.  The lighter Classic 270 is great for players with slower swing speeds, including women and seniors — less weight means that more of your energy is put right behind the ball; the 310 is the Tour model and designed for players with professional speed swings.

The whole Cleveland Classic driver family looks like a million bucks, even though you may be able to pick up a gently used model for less than $100.  Take a look through our catalog at if you’re in the market for one of these amazing drivers, they’re sure to leave you gasping for air…

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