Decoding Golf Lingo: Dance Floor

decoding golf lingo

decoding golf lingo

When you’re trying with all your might to make it to the green, it can feel like you’re on display for the whole world to see — that pressure can get further amplified when you actually get there.  There’s a reason that golfers call the green “the dance floor” — poor putting on the dance floor can be just as uncomfortable as having two left feet in a ballroom.

On the Dance Floor

Why do they call it the “dance floor?”  This is one of those secrets lost to time, but several theories abound.  Perhaps it’s simply because the green is so much smoother and flatter than the rest of the golf course, but that seems like way too simple of an explanation to us.

For us, the “dance floor” is a place to shine–just like on dance floors of old.  It’s just you, alone with your partner (your favorite putter), with what seems like all the world watching.  Many greens are slightly elevated, giving even more of a feeling of being on display.  But it’s more than just that, everything about the game has to change once you step onto the dance floor.

You use different moves, different clubs and think differently in what will be either your magic moment or your crushing debacle.  Like a dancer with no moves, players with embarrassing short games dread the dance floor, but even mediocre players can really stand out if their short game is spot on.

The next time your turn comes to do a little dancing with your Odyssey 2-Ball putter, take a deep breath and remember that you know all the steps.  Just like when you’re dancing, putting is simply a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and moving your body just so — but on the green you’ve got the extra luxury of time on your side since you’re leading.

At, we can offer you lots of advice for getting off the dance floor with your dignity intact, but sometimes you really just need a different putter.  Players with problems with the yips often benefit from a belly putter or a long putter, these clubs move your putting anchor point and create more stability throughout your swing.  We’ve got a huge selection of new and gently used putters in every configuration imaginable — choosing a new partner is as easy as point, click, and pay.

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