Five Tips On Buying a Set of Irons

As the Senior Customer Service Rep here at 3balls, I talk to people all the time about trying to find a set of irons.  I have found there are a few keys in trying to find that perfect set to take your game to the next level.

Decide on Shaft:
First things first, make the decision whether to purchase steel shafts or graphite shafts for the iron set.  Here’s a helpful link that can explain the differences between the two shaft types.

Consider Your Budget:
Having a ballpark figure in your head may drive you towards the brand new latest model irons. But bear in mind that you can often get more bang for your buck with recent model clubs in used condition. Even the low priced “classics” can still have the technology you need at very affordable price. (3balls actually specializes in top brand used clubs offered at a very good value, take a peek at our used irons to get an idea of the selection we have on any given day.)

Evaluate Your Golf Game:
It’s important to make a realistic internal evaluation of your game. I have always loved forged blades. They are amazing to look at and the feel they give off is unforgettable. There is only one problem. My game would not be suitable to a set like that. Determine if you are more suited for a game improvement set or perhaps a mid handicap set. Enough good play with these sets may get you ready to make the jump to forged blades! (If that’s something you aspire to.)

Consider Set Make-Up
Set makeup is ultra important nowadays. Not too long ago, most sets were simply 3-PW. Nowadays, there are tons of choices. As golfers, we are allowed 14 clubs in our bag; there is no need to have a 3 or 4 iron in the bag if you are not confident in hitting them. Find a set that comes 5-GW, or maybe even includes a couple of hybrids. Another possibility is an iron that that may only have 5 or 6 clubs but you can supplement your bag down the line with a hybrid or an additional fairway wood. Some players like the link irons, but more and more, golfers report that a hybrid or fairway wood is easier to hit than 3, 4, or even the 5 iron.  Most importantly, pick a set where you will be confident in hitting each club in your bag.To mention it again, there’s no
problem with getting something like a used golf iron ,the quality will still be there!

Take Your Time Researching:
Manufacturers put out a lot of information to help golfers learn about club technology. A lot of it is really helpful, sometimes though, it can be tough to translate some of the marketing-enhanced language. On 3bals, we have a straightforward “Features and Benefits” section for every club we sell to help you understand  the main attributes of a club in plain language. We also have a “product wiki” section on a lot of clubs that will add consumer reviews and other info. Take your time poking around. And if you have any questions, we’re here for ya.

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