What Are the Most Forgiving Irons?

Forgiving golf irons

Traditional irons conjure a certain image. Envision a club with a small, short bladed head, small sole and the bulk of the head’s weight concentrated behind the center of the face. These old-fashioned irons are intimidating and frustrating. They’re made especially for high handicappers who just want to play a few rounds of golf.

Luckily, modern club designers have invented forgiving game enhancement irons. They have features like perimeter-weighted heads on cavity-backed faces. Oversized club faces with visible offsets go even further to help casual golfers score consistent shots. Club manufacturers are making it easier for a beginners with a less than perfect swing to hit longer straighter shots.

We’d all like a pro-quality swing. But while you’re working your way there, you can try these forgiving irons.

Cleveland CG Black Irons

The Cleveland CG Black irons are built for speed. Super lightweight and made out of titanium, the large sole will get your ball off the ground easier. And the big sweet spots send your ball flying straight, even if your swing is inconsistent. Designed for high handicappers, the irons can sometimes be hard to control for players with faster swing speeds.

Taylormade Rocketbladez Irons

TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

Following the tradition of using a questionable name, the RocketBladez irons are built to be hit anywhere on the face. High lofts and robust heads are there to help casual players get the ball moving. But the Speed Pocket is where it’s at. Placed low and across the entire face, this giant trampoline makes a huge sweet spot, even in the wedges. Go with the standard set for casual play. The Tour model isn’t as forgiving but it does allow more control for the experienced player.

Titleist AP1 712 Irons

Titleist AP1 712 Irons

Look no further for a forgiving, workable iron designed for an improving golfer. While the Titleist AP1 712 irons may have a smaller sweet spot, the low center of gravity and faster clubs will make you work harder to improve your swing. These clubs aren’t designed for the beginning golfer – a middle handicapper will find them useful for a long time.

Before you take a new set of irons out to the course, try a few on for size. After all, even the most forgiving club isn’t right for everybody – that’s why so many irons are traded in with so little wear. You should check around. You’ll find plenty of used golf clubs for sale at a fraction of their new price. It’s even easier to justify buying these techy game improvement irons.

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