The Future of Golf Wearables

Callaway protype

Callaway protype

Golfers have long loved their gadgets; from virtual putting greens to satellite guided rangefinders, we’ve got the kind of gear that James Bond would be playing with in his downtime if he weren’t an imaginary guy.  Despite all the cool toys that golfers have to collect and analyze data about our favorite past time, we haven’t yet gotten a really good wearable — not like what runners and swimmers are currently using, at least.

That’s about to change.  Since we don’t necessarily care about how many steps we walk or how many calories we’ve burned, the geniuses at PIQ decided they’d lead the pack and create a wearable just for us.  Their small device clips to a golf club and can track lots of useful data all in one place.

The PIQ combines a GPS rangefinder, swing analyzer and shot tracker into a tiny device that won’t interfere with your swing.  Feedback is immediate, even in the middle of a round.  And if you think it’s a pipedream, it’s not — PIQ has already secured $5.5 million in funding to get the ball rolling.


Golf Wearables are Getting Social

Not only can your smartphone interact with wearables like PIQ, these clever little wearables are social.  Whether you’ve finished a particularly impressive round or just whacked the heck out of the ball from the tee box, you can share the data from your PIQ with your social media network or taunt your friends via text message or email.  It’s a fun feature if your favorite golfing buddies don’t happen to live close enough to share a golf cart.

Clubs that Can Track Themselves

Wearables are cool, but what’s even cooler is the possibility that you won’t need them.  Cobra Golf filed a patent in December 2012 for a golf club that can house an electronic device like a GPS or RFID inside the grip.  As we know, the R&D on a new golf club can take a long time to make it from concept to market, but with Cobra thinking nifty thoughts like this, it’s not going to be long before competitors like Titleist and TaylorMade are doing the same thing.

Imagine a golf club that doubles as a golf gadget!  A club that can analyze its own swing!  With the help of high tech wearables like the Samsung Gear watches or Apple Watch, the day when your clubs will completely replace your golf toys might not be that far away.

When the tech revolution comes, you can bet that will be there to help you navigate the marriage of computer and club.  We’ll always have the best deals on new, used and open box clubs from tech-savvy manufacturers like Titleist, TaylorMade and Cobra 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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