Getting a Callaway RAZR Fit

Getting a Callaway Razr Fit

Getting a Callaway Razr FitFor once in my life I would like to play with golf clubs that are not knock-offs of the most popular clubs of the season. In my fantasy world of brand-name clubs, all the head covers match and my irons actually have “TaylorMade” not “TaylorMake” emblazoned on them.

My first foray into this world of online shopping for golf clubs is the Callaway RAZR Fit fairway woods. I started my search from my own bag, since I currently play with Callaway fairway woods that I love. They are just a little bit old—they pre-date my oldest son who is now driving and applying to colleges if that tells you anything. Not that there’s anything wrong with playing with older clubs, but I thought it was time to try out some new releases with “advanced technology”. With my predisposition for the Callaways, I read the reviews, checked out the specs and decided that the RAZR Fit could be the club for me.

Unfortunately, it took me a long time to realize I don’t need a big budget to match my expensive taste. To save money I bought it used and in practically new condition. I used to resort to hand-me-downs from my father that are really too stiff for me; or my friend’s Cobras that have the perfect flex, but are three inches too long (she is a good 8 inches taller than me!). If I just buy a used club and just find one that fits my needs I can get amazing deals.

After my first game with the club I really, really liked the Callaway RAZR Fit fairway woods. Particularly the women’s model; I have only played men’s clubs up until now but I am exploring the possibility of going to women’s (I am a female, ha). I probably rely on my fairway woods a lot more than some because I am not a huge hitter. Every shot from 150 yards out is a wood. So I need to be able to get maximum distance and accuracy off the fairway or in the first cut of rough. The RAZR Fit was a breeze to hit. I felt like the ball was teed up on the fairway and I even managed to hit some good shots from some pretty deep grass I always tend to find.

After my first few swings with the RAZR Fit it was like night and day compared to my old fairway. Don’t get me wrong the first few shots were certainly not the most accurate as the ball launched off the club much higher and faster and with more distance than my previous woods. I actually had to adjust the face angle as my shots were hooking more than usual. Let’s not talk about the legality of adjusting my club mid-round. However, as I got the hang of the RAZR Fit, my increased distance and accuracy with the larger sweet spot resulted in some impressive shots, at least in my eyes! Overall, I love the look and feel of my new RAZR Fit fairway wood, and the adjustability is a great addition!

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