Golf Accessories for Women

Women golf accessories

Women golf accessories

Observe any LPGA tournament and you’ll see that in today’s game, it’s not only crucial to have the right equipment, but you also need the right accessories! Accessories are not only important for making the game more enjoyable, but they can also be very handy game improvement tools. Fortunately, countless accessories are available to have you playing, looking and feeling better on the course.

Playing Better

In addition to having the right clubs and balls, today’s leading golfers are now incorporating a variety game improvement tools into their games. Rangefinders — long a staple for caddies on the LPGA tour — are being increasingly used by amateurs. Bushnell, one of the game’s leading rangefinder manufacturers, now features a GPS watch, providing precise yardage measurements for nearly any course. SkyCaddie is also popular among caddies and players because of its preloaded and updatable course maps for nearly 30,00 courses across the globe. Towels and gloves are essential for preventing moisture from sweat and rain, which can wreak havoc on a golf swing. Unfortunately, finding women’s fits and styles can be quite difficult in retail stores. Online stores generally provide greater options for both men’s and women’s gloves, as well as the latest styles in shoes, hats and head covers.

Looking Better

Everyone knows that to play like a pro, it helps to look the part. It seems like each LPGA star has her own unique sense of style that reflects how she plays the game. However, fashion accessories are not just about style. Sunglasses, hats and umbrellas are essential when playing in bright sun. Research has shown that just one severe sunburn substantially increases the risk of skin cancer, and having more than five sunburns doubles the likelihood of this disease. Nike is one of the game’s leaders in women’s fashion accessories that can protect you from the weather while also having you looking your best.

Feeling Better

It’s also critical to feel like yourself while on the course. Anything that causes you to feel ill or in pain can throw you off your game and ruin your scores. While golf is not among the most physically demanding sports, the prolonged wear and tear of walking up and down hills and swinging the club at a high velocity can cause progressive damage to your joints. Women already face a higher risk of arthritis than men, and need to take extra precautions to prevent this painful condition. Artic Ease’s Cold Therapy Compression Wrap is designed to prevent pain and inflammation following a round, and has been shown to be suitable for cramps and bruises as well.

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