Golf Goodies: Choosing a Laser Rangefinder

Golf Laser

Golf Laser

Even the best drivers, irons and putters aren’t worth much if you can’t figure out just how far your ball has left to travel.  Old fashioned golfers still pace out their shots, measuring the hole they’re playing by stepping it out — but this practice is both cumbersome and slow, especially when other players are waiting for their turn to tee off.  Today’s golfers have other ways of measuring their shots, including the use of laser rangefinders.

Adapted from the same technology hunters use to measure distances across open landscapes, laser rangefinders developed for golfers are surprisingly accurate and fast, increasing player confidence and speeding up game play.  If you’re looking for a laser rangefinder to add to your golf bag, check out these excellent options:

golf laser rangefinderBushnell Tour V3 Patriot.  This laser rangefinder was designed to give you all the basic functionality of the Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt, without the price tag.  The Tour V3 has a range of five to 1,000 yards, with accuracy within one yard.  SCAN mode provides multiple ranges as you pan across the course and the Pinseeker technology ensures you’ve found the flag.

golf laser rangefinderBushnell Tour Z6 Jolt.  Like the Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot, the Tour Z6 Jolt uses Pinseeker technology to find the flag every time.  However, the Z6 a huge upgrade over its cousin the V3 — with a range of five to 1,300 yards and accuracy of 1.5 feet, you can’t say you didn’t know how far away your target was.  The ESP 2 system built into the Z6 is amazingly fast and so accurate it delivers distance measurements up to 125 yards in 1/10 yard increments.

golf laser rangefinderLeupold GX-1i.  If you want a no-frills laser rangefinder that will always be legal in tournaments that allow such devices, the Leupold GX-1i is what you’re looking for.  With a range of 800 yards, you’ll be able to dial in the distance to just about anything, with 1/10 yard accuracy.

golf laser rangefinderLeupold GX-2i.  The GX-2i is the feature-packed version of the GX-1i, so isn’t always legal during competition.  Featuring calculations that include slope, elevation and temperature in the final result, you’ll get a lot more information from this unit if you tend to play different courses with wildly varying terrain and conditions.

golf laser rangefinderLeupold GX-3i2.  There’s nothing better than simple and high tech — the 3i2 is an easy to use upgrade to the GX-1i, and USGA-conforming with Line of Sight ranging.  It can find the flag almost instantly in any kind of weather, thanks to the smart Fog Mode and PinHunter 2 Laser Technology.  This is the top of the line when it comes to tournament-legal laser rangefinders, but it also comes with a high end price tag.

Your game could use the help of a laser rangefinder, no matter what type of player you are, and when it comes to Bushnell or Leupold laser rangefinders, has you covered. Take a look at our great lineup of golf accessories, hand chosen to improve your game and make your day on the course more enjoyable.

Photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery / Foter / CC BY 2.0

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