Why Golf Is So Hard To Play

Why Golf Is So Hard

Golf is so hard to play. You probably already knew that we’re guessing. But succeeding at golf is not impossible. And the game of golf is fun. But still, it is hard – and there are several reasons why.

Why is golf so hard to play?

Golf is considered one of the most difficult sports to play proficiently. It’s largely seen as a recreational activity. But golf is not a casual sport. It’s a complex physical endeavor that takes dedication. There is a high barrier to entry because golf requires a considerable amount of time and energy to become fully engaged. You must put in hundreds of hours of practice to become relatively proficient.

Most experts estimate that it can take up to six years of regular play and weekly golf lessons to achieve a score of 90 or less (bogie).  And on the golf channel, the experts claim 300 weekly lessons while playing at least 32 holes per week over a period of years will lead you toward proficiency. That means you’ll have to practice for over 20,000 hours before you’ll see lower scores. Just think about this: If you play 18 holes for 5 hours on a Saturday and Sunday, then that’s 10 hours a week, 40 hours per month, or 360 hours in an entire year. Now golf is like a second job and not just a leisure activity.

Golf is such a time commitment because there are basic sub-games you must master.

The Tee Shot

You must be able to hit a long and accurate drive from the tee. If you’re proficient you’ll hit the green in regulation. It should take 1 stroke on par-3, two strokes on par-4, and three strokes on par-5.

The Short Game

You’ll need a sick short game to pitch a high wedge shot to drop and stick near the cup. Not only do you need to be able to calculate the height and distance of a long pitch, but you also need command of your muscles to produce the desired swing.


Putting on the green takes incredible skill. You must be able to read the grain of the grass and the speed of the greens. Rolling the ball end over end into the hole can be tricky.

Golf should be a simple game. You hit the ball, walk over to it, hit it again, and eventually, it goes into a hole. As it turns out, hitting the ball exactly how you want to is monumentally difficult. If you want to competent enough to play the game, you’ll have to put in some effort and hard work. Start at the driving range and practice green before taking on an entire 18 holes. Once you master its basic skills, you’ll instantly become addicted.


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