Why Golfers Wear White Belts

Why Do Golfers Wear White Belts

Fashion is cyclical. What was popular decades ago can be recycled for a newer generation of trendy, style-conscious golfers.

It just so happens that one fad is making a comeback: the white leather belt.

The white leather belt hearkens back to the 1970s. This decade was responsible for many of golf’s stereotypes. ‘Loud and proud’ was the trend as polyester fabrics, bold prints, and large collars dominated the fairways.

This was a time when disco influenced fashion. You would see golfers sporting flare-bottomed plaid pants, pastel shirts, and wing tip shoes. A white leather belt went along nicely with these kinds of ensembles.

Why the White Belt is Back

Why Do Golfers Wear White Belts

Without a doubt, white belts look nice. Nothing says you’re serious about your round than a fashionable belt with a crisp pair of slacks and a collared polo shirt. The belt can bring your entire outfit together into one cohesive piece.

A white belt pairs well with a white pair of pants and a white shirt. Just think about it. If you were to wear a black belt then the belt would cut your silhouette into two pieces, creating an emphasis on your waistline.

Why Do Golfers Wear White Belts

Also, a white belt can help synchronize a plaid pair of pants with a white golf shirt. It’s better to keep it simple than choosing something overstated like a large belt buckle.

The general rule is that belts should blend in with your shirt and pants. Often times, golfers will match their white belt with their shoes. Pros have also worn a white belt with nearly-white golf shoes to create simple, clean lower half.

There aren’t any official rules about what is acceptable to wear on the course. That’s why you see so many diverse looks on Tour. Good style is just about matching your clothes with your accessories.

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