Great Golf Gift Ideas for Dad: Gadgets to Improve His Game



In part one of our Father’s Day golf gift guide, we gave you lots of ideas for clubs that will help improve Dad’s drive, compensate for his problems on the fairway and get him off the green faster — but not everybody’s looking to get Dad a new (or used) club. After all, it’s a gift that can go sideways fast, especially if he’s the kind of guy who likes to have his clubs fitted.

Don’t worry, though, there are still plenty of golf gadgets that’ll change and improve the game that he loves!

Rangefinders and swing analyzers have come a long way since they were first introduced.  These tools have enhanced the game considerably, and made it easier for a golfer to improve his game without the help of a golf pro. Dad’s going to love getting either if he’s even a regular weekend golfer, but which gift to choose?

Swing analyzers are technology-packed sensors that attach to his club, either at the end of the grip or on the shaft itself. When he swings his club, they use GPS, accelerometers or a combination of the two to track the club’s path of travel, ball flight, and spin.

He can often instantly see how his swing compares to an ideal swing on his smartphone or later on his computer. That data can also be sent to golf pros for additional feedback for an extra fee, which can really help someone who mostly has their swing down, but still needs a quick pointer or two, or for that matter someone who is a complete mess as well!

The leading swing analyzers today are the SkyGolf SkyPro ($149.95), the 3 Bays GSA Pro ($199.95), and the SwingSmart Duo ($249.95). Any of these would make an excellent gift for a Dad who has everything.

Rangefinders are less exciting pieces of equipment, but no less may be more useful. In fact, Dad will use one every time he goes out to the course. A rangefinder essentially tells him how far he is, at that moment, from the hole he’s approaching — this is handy information to help him choose the right club or decide how hard he’s going to swing.

There are two main styles — one is a handheld unit that has a lens to look through and a laser that helps read the distance. These are reliable units, easy to read in any sort of conditions, but they don’t provide much information besides the distance from one place to the other. The Precision Pro V400 ($199.95) and Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot ($274.95) are examples of this type.

The other type of rangefinder uses GPS to determine the distance between Dad and the green. These units typically provide a bit more detailed information, including distance to certain points on the fairway, or sand traps and water hazards. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are often pre-loaded with course information to help Dad better plan his attack. The SkyGolf SkyCaddie Watch ($129.95) packs this technology into a unit small enough for Dad’s wrist, making it totally hands free. Other models like the Golf Buddy Voice GPS Rangefinder ($119.95) and the SkyGolf Caddie Touch ($279.95) are hand-held devices.

Gadgets are a great choice for Father’s Day — especially when you can pick them up with a discount at Come on by and see what we’ve got to offer in laser rangefinders, GPS rangefinders and swing analyzers before the big day arrives.


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