Hockey Golfers . . . And Vice Versa?

Bruins Golf HeadcoverWatching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks last night, in which the Canucks won 1-0 with a goal in the 3rd period with 18 seconds remaining (ugh!), got me thinking of a phenomena, or dare I say a stereotype, that has rung true at least in my experience . . . that hockey players love golf, and those who play tend to be relatively good.

I googled extensively researched the topic and there are several compelling articles out there on the topic.  This one was probably the most thorough in support.  Most of the articles point to  unmatched eye-hand coordination, strong, balanced lower bodies, understanding the physics of spin, launch and speed and of course the shared elements of the swing.  I don’t really have a conclusion to this post other than that I think the notion makes sense and there are many examples to point to that support it, but what about the other way around . . . professional golfers who love and play hockey well.  Most of us are aware of  Canadian Masters Champion Mike Weir, and I think I remember PGA Tour player and Boston native James Driscoll in an interview saying that his first love was playing hockey, but realized pursuing golf was his best option.  Not surprising James has developed physically into the Bill Glasson of his day on the PGA Tour (at least it looks like he takes his physical fitness very seriously), and probably could have succeeded in either sport . . . but are there other examples out there? . . . professional golfers as high level hockey players?

I am sure there are, but being only a recent fan (99% of the hockey games I’ve watched in my life have been in the last few weeks), I cannot think of any.  Please comment on this post if you know of any or have an opinion.  For whatever reason I keep picturing Davis Love on skates, and it just doesn’t work (sorry Davis).

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