How to Choose the Right Shaft Flex for the RocketBallz Driver

TaylorMade Rocketballz Driver

Rocketballz logoCongratulations — if you’re reading this, it probably means you’ve decided to buy a new TaylorMade RocketBallz driver, or a used one that’s “new to you” (a smart decision — buying “used” can save you quite a bit of money).

At this point you probably know what loft you want for the club, but what type/flex shaft are you going to get? Does that matter?

Yes, it does, and here’s why.

Having a flex that doesn’t match your swing can result in the clubface being misaligned at impact, causing your shots to spray.

Before we talk about what the choices are, here’s a primer on the basics of shaft flex.

Flex is the rating of a golf club shaft’s ability to bend during the swing. Flexes are most often rated as Extra Stiff (designated as X), Stiff (S), Regular (R), Senior (A) and Ladies (L) on golf club shafts, so these are your choices.

Here is the guiding principle: a player with a very fast swing requires a stiffer shaft flex, while a player with a slower swing will need a shaft with greater flex.

So, once a stiff always a stiff? Not exactly. There are no standards in the golf industry for how stiff any of the shaft flex codes need to be. Each golf manufacturer and shaft company determines how stiff their shaft flex letter codes are.

That means that the R Flex from one company might actually be similar in stiffness to the S Flex from another company or the A Flex from a third company. Sometimes the flex in one model of shaft can be stiffer or more flexible than the same letter flex in a different shaft model from the same shaft manufacturer.

It sounds complicated, but if you stick to the guiding principle mentioned above, you’ll be in the right ballpark. Another quick indicator that can help in selecting shaft flex is the distance you hit your drive. If you carry the ball 250+ yards, stiff is probably the best fit; 230-250 yards, regular flex; 200-230 yards, senior; and ladies less than 200 yards. Not a perfect science here, but generally holds true.

If you’re looking to really optimize your performance, getting custom fit by a professional is certainly not a bad idea.

Tom Wishon golf logoTom Wishon is recognized as one of the industry leaders in the research of golf club design, performance, and clubfitting technology, with more than 35 years of experience in the field. He’s also the author of several books, including best-selling consumer-oriented The Search for the Perfect Golf Club and The Search for the Perfect Driver.

His take:

“There is no such thing as a good shaft or a bad shaft in this game. There are only shafts that fit their owners and shafts that do not fit their owners,”

Take a look at this helpful chart to determine which flex will be the best choice for your RocketBallz driver.

Spring 2012 TaylorMade shaft options


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