Kane’s Random Thoughts

  • I didn’t play nearly as much golf this season.  Why is it that as soon as it starts getting cold you are dying to play?
  • John Daly’s most recent “Tin Cup” meltdown (found HERE) didn’t really surprise me.  Honestly, I am a little shocked at how under control he has been the past few years.
  • Yani Tsang (LPGA) is 22 years old and has won 5 majors.  She has a total of 21 professional wins.  I know the competition on the LPGA Tour is probably not a tough right now, but what she is doing is unbelievable.  I’d say it is comparable to what Tiger Woods started back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  She has only missed 6 cuts since 2004 (out of 99 LPGA tournaments).  I’ll be watching more LPGA golf on TV because of her.
  • My last few trips to the range have resulting in me hitting my wedges almost the entire time.  I used to just want to hit driver and try to hit the 275 yard sign.  Now I find myself trying to hit the 75 yard sign and almost forget I have a driver.  I’d have never guessed I would be like this.
  • About 6 months ago I started using Twitter more and more, mainly to just follow others.  If you follow professional golf, you should join Twitter and follow some of your favorite golfers.  Not all use Twitter, but the ones that really utilize it make some interesting Tweets pretty often.
  • I’m seriously considering a pair of the “street” golf shoes.  Right now there are really three on my radar.  Opinions?

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