What to Know When Shopping for Titleist Used Irons

Titleist used irons to purchase

Titleist used irons to purchaseThere’s a lot to keep in mind when you go shopping for used golf clubs, but if you’re already set on a particular brand it sure narrows that list of “need to knows” down. Titleist makes excellent traditional irons sets for players with low to middle handicaps, but you’ll pay dearly for them brand new. Players routinely trade in their gently used clubs when they don’t work out as expected or as new technology is released, allowing players who don’t mind to be one step behind the cutting edge to save a bundle on clubs.

When you’re shopping for used Titleist, it’s important to understand which clubs you’re looking at — after all, each series of irons was developed with a particular type of golfer in mind. Unless you already are that golfer or think you’ll reach that level soon, snagging the wrong series even at a discount can still be a waste of money.

Titleist AP1 712 Irons

Casted irons designed with more experienced golfers in mind, the AP1 has a smaller head for improved playability, but this doesn’t take away from its relatively large sweet spot at all. If you’re a middle handicap player that doesn’t mind a slightly high trajectory, the AP1 may be a great choice.

Titleist AP2 712 Irons

Titleist AP2 712 UsedThese irons took the world by storm when they appeared on the scene. Not only are they extremely forgiving with a bigger club head than other Titleist irons, they’re slightly offset to help you line up your shots a little easier. The AP2 712 series was made for casual players with high to middling handicaps, but has plenty to offer low handicap players as well.

Titleist CB 712 Irons

Created for low handicappers, the CB line features a shallow cavity back to increase the size of each club head’s sweet spot while still managing to maintain a slim profile and topline. These irons are really good for control and getting out of trouble areas, with a slightly widened cambered sole to help you move into and out of the turf much more easily.

Titleist MB 712 Irons

Titleist MB 71 UsedThe muscle back Titleist irons are the most popular choice of PGA Tour players, but they probably aren’t the best choice for your bag unless you’re playing at a semi-professional or better level. They’re sexy and sleek, but are extremely unforgiving if you’ve not completely mastered your swing.

When shopping for used Titleist irons, keep in mind that the last two numbers represent the year that particular technology was released — for example, the 712s were first released in 2012. If you are looking for a great value look beyond the most recent model and check prices on previous years or slightly used sets. While you may not have the latest and greatest technology in your bag, you will still have a quality set of irons that will help improve your game! Not to mention that you can save upwards of 50%-75% off MSRP by purchasing past years or used models. Good luck in your iron search!

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