What to Look for in Used Callaway Drivers

callaway golf ball

callaway golf ball

It takes serious dough to get into serious golf gear these days, so it only makes sense to look into pre-owned drivers if you’re not getting ready to head to the Pro Tour. Choosing pre-owned opens up a huge selection of drivers to you, including many that may no longer be in production. Just because a club’s out-modeled doesn’t make it outdated, especially when you’re talking about used Callaway drivers. As of late, it seems like Callaway is offering something new every few months!

If you’re in the market for used Callaway drivers, there are some features that are definitely more desirable for most golfers. Keep an eye out for these favorites:

OptiFit Technology

If you’ve read any X-Hot driver reviews, you’ll hear a little bit about this bit of tech, it was Callaway’s first attempt at an adjustable hosel. If you don’t need loft adjustment, you may still like the way the OptiFit allows you to better control face angle.

Forged Composite

This is actually really cool stuff. Callaway used Forged Composite in the Big Berthas and the Big Bertha Alphas, but they’ve actually had it a while. Even the RAZR Hawk and Diablo Octane take advantage of this technology. Forged Composite is how Callaway branded their process of incorporating carbon fiber into the soles and crowns of some drivers to change the weight distribution. This incredibly light and durable material allows the face and body of your driver to carry the bulk of the weight so more sheer force transfers to the face, helping you hammer your ball off the tee.

Face Technology

With every release, Callaway’s drivers claim they’re thinner, springier and have thinner faces. This is true, essentially, but what we’re talking about are often minute differences. Thinness aside, with every release, these faces do seem to be increasingly forgiving — that’s a feature that can be helpful if you’re just starting out in golf. The recent face tech evolution has happened in this order: Hyperbolic Face Technology, Speed Frame Face and finally, the Hyper Speed Face.

Club Length

Just because clubs are manufactured by the same company, doesn’t mean they’re all the same length. It’s a fact, in fact, that they’re not. Measuring a robust 46 inches are clubs like the RAZR Hawk, Diablo Octane, X-Hot and X-Hot 2. Clubs coming in at just 45.5 inches are the RAZR Fit Xtreme, Big Bertha, Big Bertha Alpha and the brand new Big Bertha V Series. Longer isn’t always better, if you’re on the short side of average a shorter club may get much better results.

These are just a few things to look for when you’re hunting for the perfect used Callaway driver. We’ve got a huge selection, including the Callaway X-Hot Drivers, at 3balls.com. Come see the great clubs we’ve got to offer!

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