Masters Week – A Look at Augusta National – Holes 13-18

The final stretch at Augusta National has broken a lot of hearts of the years.

#13 – Azalea

This par five is one of my favorites.  Particularly the second shot.  While getting there in two is very possible, it makes me cringe every time I see a player go for it.  One of the most historic shots of recent memory at the Masters was Phil Mickelson’s second from the pine straw.  Wow, what a shot.

#14 – Chinese Fir

This bunkerless par four is just yet another solid hole at Augusta.  A slight dogleg left and a fairly narrow fairway requires an accurate tee shot in order to give players their best chance to play a smart second shot (the green is an extremely difficult one).  Nothing flashy about this hole, yet is still beautiful.

#15 – Firethorn

Another reachable par five that is always exciting.  The approach shot is over water and the green is a little narrow with a bunker on the right side.  This is the famous hole where Gene Sarazen holed out from 235 yards with a 4-wood in 1935.  A very good birdie opportunity for most of the guys on tour.

#16 – Redbud

The most beautiful hole on the course?  I’d say it is way up there.  A short par three over water with a few greenside bunkers to give you a headache.  This is what par threes are all about…precision off the tee and a fairly severe punishment if do anything less.

#17 – Nandina

The famous tree, “The Eisenhower Tree”, gives players something to think about off the tee on this average length par four.  The green pretty much slopes off in all directions.  Watching players putt on this green is always entertaining.  This is a great hole that players must be able to get past if they want to win the Masters.

#18 – Holly

One of the most famous and most difficult finishing holes on tour.  This dogleg right, uphill par four is 465 yards and is NOT easy at all.  The green is guarded by two huge bunkers that can ruin a leaders chance at winning if hit into.  I’m thinking that this year’s Masters will come down to the wire and this hole will determine who the winner will be.  It is going to be exciting!


Photos from Augusta National – MillerBrown

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